Africa (Petrarch)

Africa is an epic poem in Latin hexameters by the 14th century Italian poet Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca). It tells the story of the Second Punic War, in which the Carthaginian general Hannibal invaded Italy, but Roman forces were eventually victorious after an invasion of north Africa led by Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, the epic poem's hero.


Africa and De viris illustribus were partially inspired by Petrarch's visit to Rome in 1337. According to Bergin and Wilson (p. ix). It seems very likely that the inspirational vision of the Eternal City must have been the immediate spur to the design of the Africa and probably De viris illustribus as well. After returning from his grand tour, the first sections of Africa were written in the valley of Vaucluse. Petrarch recalls

The fact that he abandoned it early on is not entirely correct since it was far along when he received two invitations (from Rome and from Paris) in September 1340 each asking him to accept the crown as poet laureate. A preliminary form of the poem was completed in time for the laurel coronation April 8, 1341 (Easter Sunday).

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Experts Land For Africa’s Oil Governance Summit In Accra

Modern Ghana 21 Oct 2019
It is for this reason that the fifth edition of the Africa Oil Governance Summit in Accra will spearhead discussions on how African economies can harness opportunities presented by these new discoveries. The summit, which is the flagship of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), with support from i ......

‘With CWT partnership, BTM is now able to elevate its service delivery with the right technology’

Business Day Online 21 Oct 2019
Business Travel Management Limited (BTM) has always been at the forefront of travel technology for not only Nigeria but for West and Central Africa as well ... It means that we can improve the standard of managed travel solutions and travel technology within West and Central Africa ... I love travelling in Africa and seeing other countries....

Three companies granted permits for exploration of shale gas in Karoo

Independent online (SA) 21 Oct 2019
Black First, Land First’s Zanele Lwana said if the exploration by the three firms led to discovery of gas and or minerals that would benefit the people of the Karoo and South Africa, they would consider lending conditional support to fracking....

Documentary on China's governance screened at int'l documentary festival

Xinhua 12 Oct 2019
Time of Xi," a three-episode documentary series co-produced by China Intercontinental Communication Center and the Discovery Channel from the United States. Illustrated with stories of individuals from Africa, Asia and Europe, the final episode "All Aboard" explores the meaning of ......

Gwede Mantashe urges Total to move speedily to bring Brulpadda oilfield into production

Independent online (SA) 11 Oct 2019
... the Brulpadda oilfield into production at the Africa Oil and Power conference in Cape Town ... At the beginning of this year Total confirmed the existence of gas condensates in the Brulpadda field and at the time Mantashe said this discovery could be a "game-change" for South Africa....

African energy elites meet to discuss future of Africa's energy sector

Independent online (SA) 10 Oct 2019
"The time is now for Africa to be the leading destination for global energy investment ... Africa continues to be amongst the top regions for making large oil and gas discoveries. In 2016, five of the 10 largest oil discoveries were in Africa, according to information released at the conference....

Zimbabwe: Teenage Filmmaker Scoops Award in South Africa

All Africa 09 Oct 2019
South Africa-based Zimbabwean teenager was announced winner of the Jozi Film Festival and Discovery Network's "Real Stories By Real People" award after garnering most public votes at the event that ended on Sunday .......

Scientists now have evidence a large platinum-dense meteorite hit the earth 12,800 years ago

Quartz 08 Oct 2019
Until now, there has been no such evidence from Africa. But working with two colleagues, professor Louis Scott (University of the Free State) and Philip Pieterse (University of Johannesburg), I believe there is evidence from South Africa’s Limpopo province that partly supports the controversial Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis ... Extinctions in Africa....

The World’s ‘Hardest’ Asset is Ironically Virtual

Blockchain Blog 08 Oct 2019
Figure 1 ... Not surprisingly, the price of gold is up 16% in the last five months ... Examples include the discovery of large quantities of gold in the late 19th century in South Africa and European exploration and conquest in South America in the 1500s, both of which put downward pressure on the price of gold ... why new bitcoins become scarcer over time....

South Africa: Discovery Health Won't Challenge Health Market Inquiry Findings, Says CEO

All Africa 05 Oct 2019
Discovery Health says it is committed to cooperating with government and other players in the private healthcare market to implement the recommendations of a major inquiry into SA's private healthcare system .......

Officials seize 342kg of lion bones being illegally exported for medicine

Metro UK 04 Oct 2019
The shipment of lion bones was discovered at an airport in South Africa (Pictures ... An illegal shipment of lion bones weighing 342kg has been seized at Johannesburg airport in South Africa ... The discovery was made at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg South Africa (Picture....

Fully committed to undertakings on climate levels – Minerals Minister Gwede Mantashe

Mining Weekly 03 Oct 2019
... clean coal technology, singled out the Koeberg nuclear power station for being South Africa’s most cost-effective electricity supplier, spoke of gas discoveries being poised to bring gas into the picture in a game-changing manner and said provision had been made for renewables....

Fully committed to undertakings on climate – Minerals Minister Gwede Mantashe

Mining Weekly 03 Oct 2019
With pressure building up globally for climate action, Mantashe said that coal producers would be required to invest in clean coal technology, singled out the Koeberg nuclear power station as South Africa’s most cost-effective electricity supplier, spoke of gas discoveries being ......

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